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Bringing Fun and Safety to the Forefront: Chipmunks Playland Revamps its Signage Catalogue with a Child-Centred Approach

Our design team is dedicated to keeping Chipmunks Playland & Café relevant in a fast-paced environment. Our main objective for 2022 was to revamp our signage manual, which involved giving a new look to over 45 interior signs.

While we value fun, safety is our top priority. Parents can be assured that their children, regardless of age and ability, will have safe play options in our playground. This is achieved by dividing our play centres into three zones: Main Zone (for 5-11-year-olds), Mini Zone (for 0-4-year-olds), and Baby Zone (for 0-2-year-olds). Our signage must also clearly communicate the safety measures we implement to ensure a fun and secure experience for all.

In recent years, it became evident that Chipmunks Playland & Café’s previous signage library was outdated. With the introduction of new play structures and the phasing out of older ones, we needed to completely redesign our entire collection of signs from scratch.


Our designs must be visually appealing and suitable for both our current play centres and future plans for 2022 and beyond. The wording needs to be concise to effectively convey the different zones and regulations. Our focus is to make the designs simpler, more child-friendly, and include additional safety information for parents. Who better to take on this challenge than Joshua Fryer and his competent Marketing Team.

“My main philosophy when approaching this extensive project was to view it through the eyes of a child. This mindset meant that we needed to consider our wording, design language, and most importantly, whether the new safety signs still conveyed the playful atmosphere that our customers have come to expect.” Joshua Fryer


The Chipmunks team revamped all 45 signs with concise wording, straightforward designs, and the inclusion of Charlie for a touch of personality. It was crucial for the founders that the element of fun be present in all in-store marketing materials.

Key Changes:

  • Shortened wording for conciseness and emphasis
  • Used uppercase to draw attention to the words
  • Incorporated Charlie for a more kid-friendly look
  • Rounded edges were added to the signs for a softer appearance
  • Reduced use of colour for a more impactful design
  • Decreased number of signs to save costs and reduce environmental impact
  • Maintained consistency in messaging across all designs


Our updated Signage Catalogue provides our Franchise Partners with cost-effective signage solutions. The Marketing Team reworded each sign to enhance prominence while reducing size and quantity. This change allowed for more creative possibilities, such as increasing brand recognition by including Charlie in the design. Our Franchise Partners have started incorporating these new designs into their stores, with Tauranga being the first to receive a complete makeover.


“I am incredibly thankful to everyone who participated in this project and dedicated their time and effort to make my vision a reality. I am eager to see these designs in our store. One task accomplished, and on to the next (Stationery Manual!).” Joshua Fryer

We share Joshua’s enthusiasm for our new designs, and they will be implemented in both our existing and new Chipmunks stores as we continue to expand.

For more information on Chipmunks and our progress, subscribe to our updates and visit our LinkedIn page to stay informed on the latest developments.

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