Why Invest?


1. Brand Recognition

The Chipmunks brand is a popular household name throughout Australasia, and has gained global recognition over recent years. Our mascot, Charlie the Chipmunk forms our logo, and features throughout the playgrounds and branded merchandise. Customers love Charlie and the Chipmunks brand, and associate us with fun, safe and quality playgrounds.


2. Proven Business Model

With our 23 years of operation, not only have we grown by number but in many other ways. We have refined our business model consisting of multiple revenue streams. Our innovative team has kept us at the forefront of modern technology, adding value to our daily business and state of the art playground fit-outs. We have developed comprehensive online and in-store training programmes to fully support those who invest with us.


3. Dedicated Support Team

From your initial franchise enquiry through to the day to day running of your store, our Head Office team is here to support you. We are lucky to have a great team of professionals, based in New Zealand and Australia and the United States who possess a wide range of skills to assist you in establishing and running a successful business.


4. Great Safety Record

By separating playground areas into age appropriate zones and focusing solely on children aged 1 – 11 years, we can ensure that our playlands have all the fun things to celebrate childhood without any of the risks associated with some of our competitors. This provides parents with peace of mind and ensures children can explore and play without resistance and undue stress.



5. Continually Innovating & Improving Systems

Through thorough research and the implementation of modern technology, our team have developed products and procedures that are appealing to both our franchisees and customers. Our striking digital signage, comprehensive point of sale system, engaging marketing assets and digital interactive play equipment are just the beginning. We offer online bookings, memberships and easy in store checkouts which makes it super easy for parents and caregivers and takes the admin away from franchisees – it’s all done for you!


6. Comprehensive Online & On Premise Training

Ensuring franchisees are correctly trained is so important to us. We’ve put a lot of time and resources into producing our comprehensive online and instore training programmes, ensuring incoming franchisees are best prepared for their exciting new business venture, and that existing franchisees are simply a few clicks away from additional training and support.

In-store training includes work experience in an existing Chipmunks store, as well as our dedicated Operational team onsite guiding you through each step prior to your store opening. 


7. International Growth & Recognition

From humble beginnings in Christchurch, New Zealand, Chipmunks franchises have popped up all throughout the country, Australia and Indonesia. You might be wondering where to next? Our business has been globally recognised as a market leader, with interested parties in the USA, UK and beyond. Watch this space!


8. Our Future Is Brighter Than Ever

Chipmunks franchisees have a major role in the company’s growth and ongoing brand success you see today. Our newly developed training and support programmes will help you become established and profitable quickly.
Through continued innovation and our network of support, the sky’s the limit. There has never been a better time to build a brighter future in the children’s entertainment business.


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